Anne Fleming is a fun, knowledgeable and spunky west coast swing teacher who will have you laughing and dancing in no time! 

She has been dancing and teaching for over 2 decades in various partner dance styles. You can find Anne at her weekly dances or at major dance events! Don't wait to try it out; grab a pair of shoes and join her on the dance floor.



Whether it's your hobby, passion or brand new venture,

west coast swing (WCS) is great for adding some social activity, staying healthy and making new friends. The WCS community is full of fun, support and friends that become your family. 

If you want to check it out for yourself there are weekly classes and dances in both MA and NH! Click on the "Classes & Events" tab on the menu bar for more details.


 "Anne Fleming has been an inspiration to me, not only as a dancer, but also in how I aspire to approach life. On multiple occasions she has given me key pieces of advice to change the trajectory of my experiences in ways that I will never forget.


Anne is also a powerful light anytime you are near her. She has such a charismatic presence, and I’ve witnessed her on multiple occasions take the time to share that brilliance, love, and support with others."

-Kristen S.




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Weekly Dancing

Mondays 7-11pm

Thursday 7-11pm

Special Dances

5th Saturdays 7-10pm

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