Anne is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful person to be around. Always energetic, positive and incredibly supportive.

- Brad R.

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Anne's Courage

To Anne:

'Dance Family' It's a term we all use – and we all understand without explanation.

Our dance family is our 'chosen family.'

In Boston, we are especially lucky. Our dance family is deeply connected, exceptionally generous, and known for its ability to come together to support one another in times of need.

Recently, many of you opened your hearts and wallets to support a local dancer whose family wrestled with the financial burden and medical costs resulting from a brain tumor diagnosis.

This generosity made a difference and we thank you all for stepping up.

There is now another in our dance family facing a cancer diagnosis – in fact, she is facing it for the 3rd time.

Anne Fleming is a survivor and a fighter. Her strength, spirit, smile, and laughter are known not only within our local dance community but around the world.

She has welcomed many of us into this dance family we know and love so much – and she continues to bring people together everywhere she goes.

Anne teaches because it is her passion – and she gives all of herself every time, to every student, in every lesson, class, and workshop.

It is time, now, to give back.

Anne's health insurance ended – prior to her diagnosis – and she has been in the midst of a required waiting period before her new insurance begins (although even then, it will not cover all of her treatment.)

Unfortunately, cancer waits for no one.

We ask you all to step up once again – to open your hearts and your wallets to help.

Please come to our Tuesday night dance (February 26th) to support Anne. All proceeds will be donated directly to help defray the costs of Anne's treatment. If you can, we hope you will give a little more than usual...

Additional donations of any size are welcomed – and will make a difference – just as dance has made a difference in all of our lives.

With love and gratitude,
Yuna & Bill


(Dance directors for Dance Boston, Summer Hummer and New Year's Dance Extravaganza)

Help Anne in her third battle with cancer.

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A weekly dance meetup called 

Dance Boston sent their love

(and laughter) to Anne at a fundraiser dance they held.