Anne Fleming is an inspiration to me.

- Bonnie I.

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Want to see what

West Coast Swing dancing

looks like?

Watch for yourself!

West Coast Swing (WCS) dancing is a fun social dance that you can enjoy at almost any age.

The dance has evolved over the years, and has many styles of movement and music you can enjoy to it: pop, blues, contemporary, country and more. 

If you can walk, you can learn the basics of this dance!

This is a dance you do with another person, but no partner is required.

WCS is a lead-follow dance that typically moves in a "slot".

You don't need special gear or clothes - just come in what makes you comfortable and wear shoes that can slide on wood floors.

See you on the dance floor!

Want to see more?

Here you can see the fun upbeat style of WCS from a dance competition.

Here's an example of dancing to a relaxed song you might hear on the radio featuring Anne Fleming!

This is a newer style demonstrating the slower contemporary style of WCS.

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